Reflexology Rings

The Mindinsole Acu-Fidget Reflexology Ring offers a simple and effective way to relieve stress and anxiety practically anywhere. Each finger is the source of different emotions and health issues. You can target each and every one of them wherever you are.

Reflexology Rings

Reflexology Rings

3 rings per purchase:

  • Copper
    • Improves connectivity of nerves, balances hormones, and reduces joint stiffness and pain
  • Silver
    • Boosts immunity, balances moods, and restores energy
  • Gold
    • Improves circulation, alleviates arthritic pain, and eliminates stiffness

Reflexology Rings

Slide onto finger or thumb you desire


  • Calms Nerves and eases your worrying
  • Relieves headaches

Index Finger

  • Eases frustration and inspires inner peace
  • Relaxes muscle aches

Middle Finger

  • Soothes anger and irritability
  • Fights fatigue

Ring Finger

  • Reduces negativity and helps with grief
  • Aids in digestion

Little Finger

  • Stimulates creativity, intuition, and wisdom
  • Reduces insecurities and anxiety

See Manual for a detailed description and imagery of the Reflexology Rings

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